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SANDUGO: Blood Compact Shrine in Bohol

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One of the Tourist Attractions in the Island of Bohol, the SANDUGO, well-known today as the Blood Compact Site in Bohol stands as a memorial ground to the historic sign of friendship between the Spaniards and the Filipinos.
The Blood Compact Site was built by National Artist Napoleon Isabelo Veloso Abueva, the Philippines' National Artist for Sculpture, and also a native of Bohol. The landmark features five life-sized images of men that are made of bronze while two important figures are having a friendship toast. It is located along the Carlos P. Garcia circumferential road, Loay town, Tagbilaran City where the area is much accessible to the tourists and provides a very pleasing background and a scenic glimpse of the Bohol Sea.

According to historical accounts, on March 16, 1565, the fleet of Captain General Miguel Lopez de Legazpi anchored along the peaceful shores of Bohol. Initially, the expedition was met with hostility because the natives thought they were the white vandals known as the Portuguese.

With the help of a Mohammedan Malay pilot, the Explorer Captain General Miguel Lopez de Legazpi explained to the two rulers of Bohol that they had come on a mission of peace. The Captain General established an allegiance between than tribe of Datu Katuna (later became SIKATUNA) and the King of Spain. Captain General Miguel Lopez de Legazpi entered into a blood compact  with Datu Sikatuna, a Chieftain of the Island of Bohol for the purpose of insuring friendly relations between the Spaniards and the Filipinos.

Both leaders made a small cut on their left arm with a dagger and poured their blood into a goblet filled with wine, which they both drank in honor of the friendship being established. Henceforth, the first treaty of friendship between Spain and the Filipinas.
The goblet filled with wine with their blood while having a friendship toast.

A few days later, Miguel Lopez de Legazpi had a similar pact  with Datu Gala (later became SIGALA).

In his report to Philip II, Legazpi described the tribal ceremony of the blood compact in the following words:
It is observed in the following manner: one from each party draws two or three drops of blood from his own arm or breast and mixes them in the same cup, with water or wine. Then the mixture must be divided equally between two cups and neither person may depart until both cups are alike drained.  
- Source: Philippine Political and Cultural History, Volume I by Gregorio F. Zaide, Copyright 1949

Today, the Blood Compact Shrine serves as a memorabilia of the historical happening during the middle March of 1565 where a bound of friendship was established to create a fundamental unity.

Since the location is very much accessible by transportation, the tourist destination is also a great spot for Pasalubong and/or souvenirs. T-shirt starts from P99.00 to P150.00 while A famous delicacy of Bohol called the "KALAMAY" is at P100.00 per 3 pieces of "BAGUL", coconut shell.

================================== > That's me on the right! :P

More photos at Just click and/or copy and paste the link above to navigate.

That's Me! Taking my shot souvenir with the SANDUGO as my background.
With the SK Chairpersons of Balingasag during the BOHOL-METRO CEBU TOUR 2013
A pleasing background of Bohol Sea.

SANDUGO: Blood Compact, BOHOL
The SANDUGO: Blood Compact Shrine of BOHOL

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