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“I have not been everywhere, but it is on my list.” –Susan Sontag

Recognized for being Jose Rizal’s birthplace, the Province of Laguna is more than just than a place where the Philippine’s ever eminent national hero was born and raised.  The province is a melting pot of various cultures passed down to the locals from different eras of colonization by foreigners. Most notably and prominently, the Spanish aspects stand out and have formed part of some of Laguna’s beloved and well- known tourist spots. In fact, tourists and locals would come in droves to visit some of their famous attractions such as the Pagsanjan Falls, visit the hometown of the local hero in Calamba, and try the tsinelas footwear from Liliw and so much more. The next time you are in the Province of Laguna, make sure never to miss visiting these six places.

1.) Japanese Garden
japanese garden.jpg
Photo courtesy: Tony G. Hidalgo   
For history buffs and connoisseurs, a trip to Laguna’s Japanese Garden should be included in their itinerary. The garden is located in Lake Caliraya in Cavinti, Laguna. The place is built to serve as a memorial park made by the Japanese government in the 1970s to commemorate the Japanese soldiers who perished during the Second World War. Apart from taking leisurely strolls among the gardens, guests and tourists can bask in the beautiful scenery of Lake Caliraya and the Sierra Madre mountain range.

2.) Rizal Shrine
Photo courtesy: danishrush.wordpress.com
For guests who would want to see how the local hero who would soon be the face of the one peso coin spent his formation years at home, the Jose Rizal Shrine in Calamba Laguna is a must-stop. The Rizal Shrine is one of the most frequented historical and Laguna tourist spots with approximately 270,000 tourists visiting the shrine annually. If one would like to see how the local hero was molded to become who he eventually was, the Rizal Shrine should be one of the places to visit.

3.) Splash Island
Photo courtesy: Jimmy Cruz Aerial Videography
People with a penchant for water sports and water related activities should make Splash Island a stop whenever they are in Laguna. It is the country’s largest water parks and is teeming with water slides and rides appropriate for all ages. Spend an entire day in this water park to experience fun and amusement which the young and the young at heart can enjoy.

4.) Pagsanjan Falls pagsanjan falls.jpg
Explore some of the natural wonders found in Laguna City and start with their most famous natural attraction, the Pagsanjan Falls. Pagsanjan, Laguna is the jump off point to the falls. For travelers seeking to visit the falls, you may rent a small boat which would take you to the falls or “shoot the rapids”.  Before reaching the falls, you get to experience a scenic boat ride by the skilled and accredited boatmen and cruise around Magdapio River before reaching the main falls.

5.) Mount Makiling
mount makiling.jpg
Photo courtesy: Pinoy Mountaineer.com
A visit to Mount Makiling presents you with various travel and nature activities. The majestic mountain got its moniker from a mystical dweller and protector—Maria Makiling and is in fact, an inactive volcano. Nature enthusiasts and trekking aficionados alike will especially enjoy the mountain’s terrain which is perfect for hiking, trekking, camping, mountain biking and bird watching.

6.) Enchanted Kingdom
Photo courtesy: Primer.com.ph
Tourists who brought tots along with them should definitely make Enchanted Kingdom as a stop. It is the country’s first and only world-class theme park and was cited by the government for generating the biggest tourist arrivals in 2008. People with kids and individuals with a hankering for thrilling rides would enjoy the various attractions the theme park has to offer. For more information about places to visit in Laguna. Go to Things to do in Laguna Philippines

Note: This article is a guest post contributed by Louis Cortez. Additionally, the attached photos were submitted for reference. Please check below information about the author.

AUTHORS BIO:Louis Cortez is an extreme travel trailblazer. Food Lover. General Problem Solver. Explorer like  Dora and History nerd. He is currently writing for Nuvali.

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