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Metro Manila's Top Ten Most Picturesque Wedding Venues

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More often than not, wedding venues can make all the difference between good wedding photos and bad wedding photos.

Nowadays, wedding venues are not simply considered as mere places to host your wedding reception; but they play a more critical and pivotal aspect to your weddings by giving you the right ambiance and setting for your much-awaited event and serve as the necessary backdrop to most of your wedding photos.  Your wedding venue is more than just a mere setting; it is the place where some of the most poignant memories are--it is a place that witnesses the transformation of you and your spouse-to-be from separate individuals to a single, unified unit. Unfortunately, though, some of the most picturesque wedding venues can rack up several hundreds of thousands in pesos just for a single day booking and for those of us who are on a tight wedding budget, this can be a tad bit too demanding on our pockets. However, if money is a non-issue and if you truly want that blissful, majestic and romantic aura and tinge to your wedding venues, here are ten of the best places.

1.) White Space Manila
There is no subtlety when it comes to this wedding venue's name, its moniker is an allusion to what you can expect if you booked this place for your wedding. If you are looking for a contemporary modern or minimalist aspect to your wedding, setting your venue in White Space Manila may just be the answer. As the place is completely white-washed, couples are given more leverage in dressing up the place however they wish. This place is located in Makati City and is approximately priced around P156,800 for exclusive usage.

2.) The Blue Leaf Pavilion
This seemingly nondescript place in McKinley Hill in Fort Bonifacio is perhaps the most versatile wedding venue in this list. The Blue Leaf Pavilion plays host to three halls in various sizes--perfect for couples looking for an elegant urban setting for their reception. As the place comes in three varying sizes, it can accommodate a large number of invited guests without feeling too cramped or a small number of guests without the place overwhelming the entire affair. Wedding bundles which include catering services start at P300,000 pesos.

3.) Elements at Centris
Suitable for festive affairs and events, Elements at Centris is a couple of tented spaces located in a popular commercial district in Quezon City. The white space can give a contemporary aura to your wedding event and is rather easy to dress up according to your chosen theme. Tent halls can accommodate as much as 350 people. Rent is at P75,000 for four hours.

4.) Secret Garden
The aesthetic and natural ambiance this wedding venue are perfect for couples dreaming of having a garden wedding. As the place comes with many various garden sections, finding a place to tie the knot would not be so much of a challenge. The venue is equipped with diverse flowering plants and other flora that would definitely enhance the ambiance of your wedding ceremony and the place also comes with manmade waterfalls which would really add to the overall aesthetic feel.

5.) The Loft at Manansala
Sophisticated, simple and seemingly unassuming, The Loft gives couples the unique option of having the breathtaking view of the city serve as a backdrop and an interesting embellishment. It is located on the 38th floor of the Manansala in Rockwell, Makati The Loft is suitable for weddings with a modern touch and can accommodate as many as 300 people.

6.) The Atrium
Situated inside a popular culinary school, The Atrium offers couples more than just palatable and savory dishes and meals during the reception. It offers them a unique and charming view of the garden courtyard while they dine and celebrate the festivities. As the place seats only 150 people, it is suitable for more muted and intimate affairs.

7.) Blue Garden
Nestled in Commonwealth, Quezon City, Blue Garden is yet another picturesque and heavenly garden wedding venue suitable for couples who wish for a more romantic and intimate ambiance. Bedecked with flowers and other gorgeous plants, the place is sure to enhance any of your wedding photos taken.

8.) Light of Love
As garden settings have been a rather popular choice for couples who wish to wed, more and more garden wedding venues have cropped up around Metro Manila. The Light of Love is just one of them. Though it has been slated as one of the premier wedding gardens couples can tie the knot, the place also features intimate halls where couples may choose to exchange their vows.

9.) Sitio Elena
This glass-walled pavilion offers guests and couples the wonderful opportunity of experiencing the magnificence of the outdoors while safely nestled indoors. A well-manicured garden is just one feature in this picturesque wedding venue, the place also features a contemporary pavilion where events can be held.

10.) Fernwood Gardens
Unassuming and nondescript, Fernwood Gardens is nestled within a quiet subdivision in Quezon City. Yet somehow, that only adds to the allure of the place instead of diminishing it. Fernwood Gardens has been a popular choice made by couples over the years as it has a trustworthy name in the business, the place also has a vintage ambiance--a strong selling point which draws couples and debutantes alike.

BONUS! Additional wedding venue.

11.) Versailles Palace Grand Ballroom
If you are looking for a place that exudes class, look no further than Versailles Palace Grand Ballroom. The place is given the unique backdrop of Manila's dreamy city lights making this the perfect setting for the classic European motif. Luxurious, sophisticated and classy, Versailles Palace Grand Ballroom is the ideal place to celebrate one of life's milestones such as exchanging vows where one can get that interesting feel of being in France.

Note: This article is a guest post contributed by Abbeygail Urie. Additionally, the attached photos were submitted by the guest writer for reference which came from the aforementioned wedding venues. Please check below information about the author.

Author Bio:
Abbeygail is a freelance writer and blogger for Hizon’s. It is a catering company that offers catering services in Marikina to any type of events. Abbeygail also loves to travel with her love ones and try different kinds of food here in the Philippines.

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