Lambug Beach in Badian: An Unspoiled Long stretch Shoreline at the South - BEST SPOTS PH



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Lambug Beach in Badian: An Unspoiled Long stretch Shoreline at the South

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The southern part of Cebu has been synonymous to the adventures of Alegria’s canyoneering, whale shark watching in Oslob, scuba diving or basking at the long strip of white sand of Moalboal, and hiking the ruggedly striking mountains of Osmena Peak. This part of its territorial domain is absolutely filled with wide array and diverse activities, and anyone who plans to travel to the South will surely encounter pleasure beyond experience.
Aside from these well-famed destinations can also be found the unspoiled long stretch shoreline of Barangay Lambug, the uncrowded beachfront getaway to the South located in the municipality of Badian.

After scouting, and spoiling ourselves with waterfalls for three days while chasing the wonders of Badian, Alegria, and Samboan, I asked my cousin Lester for a neighboring coastline, and he pointed us to this route.
Roughly 16 minutes travel from Sta Filomena, Alegria to the main highway going to Lambug Beach riding motorcycles with a moderate to high speed, and passing through the 8-10 minutes narrow yet asphalted road of cornfields and golf course, I found myself together with my companions wandering the peaceful coral white sand beach of Lambug.

“Ah! So this is Lambug Beach”, I said to myself, glancing my watch that ticks at 04:05 mid-afternoon while strolling around the sandbar that spells laid back from the noise of metropolitan Cebu. 

“Kuya Jun, let’s continue walking to that spot as it offers much finer sands.” My cousin Lester suggested. While arriving to this part, I had noticed how this long stretch coastline surprised me with powdery-like sands. And to my amazement, I found myself quietly dipping at the ocean. We stayed at Lambug for few moments, and decided to continue our path to other destination- Moalboal before sun down.

During the course of our journey, a quick remembrance caught my attention; “The tropical warmth, calming atmosphere, and turquoise water facing the Island of Negros in the western part serenade my experience.”

The beach is somehow far from the main road. Once you see a Filipino-Korean Restaurant located at the right side of the highway in Badian, follow the path that leads to Lambug. Once you reached a Golf Course, follow the narrow yet asphalted road. Signs going to this coastline are installed for an easy travel. According to my cousin, if you’re traveling with a private 4-wheel transportation, travel time from Alegria to Lambug beach will lead you to a 15-minute ride. In our case while riding a private motorcycle, we reach the destination an approximate of 25 minutes or so from Sta Filomena.

The beach is for the public to enjoy, which means, there is no entrance fee. Additionally, tents are said to be allowed. Cottages, and other accommodations are also situated in the area.

“Solely under the management of the municipality of Badian as per approved “special agreement on protected areas” (SAPA) issued by the DENR.

No one is currently authorized to collect entrance fees, parking fees, and beach usage fees. Unless official receipt is duly issued by the LGU-Badian’s authorized personnel.”

More photos at:
Together with my companions- my cousin, and friends.

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