Tinagong Dagat: Uncovering the Pristine Shoreline of Islas de Gigantes - BEST SPOTS PH



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Tinagong Dagat: Uncovering the Pristine Shoreline of Islas de Gigantes

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Tinagong Dagat: Uncovering the Pristine Shoreline of Islas de Gigantes

Few minutes from Antonia Island, we continued our way to this secreted shoreline known by the local dwellers as Tinagong Dagat.
Photo courtesy by: Angel Estera
The name Tinagong Dagat which means a Hidden Sea or Ocean was said to originate from where it is located, obviously unnoticeable from far distance. The secluded beachfront is literally shrouded by a sizable limestone walls standing atop with lush flora and provide travelers and adventures-alike a scene worth experiencing.

Tinagong Dagat is also known as the Little Boracay of the Islas de Gigantes. It was compared to the famous Boracay Island as the sand within its coastline is said to be similar thus, offering powdered-like white sand.

The further our guide pointed us to that direction where Tinagong Dagat is situated, the more interested I am to witness, and experience it firsthand.

While arriving at Tinagong Dagat, our local guide recommended us to take off our slippers which I gladly accepted. I left my Billabong slippers and descended from the vessel hurriedly. When my uncovered feet landed to its unfamiliar seawater with the warmth of the midday, the enthusiasm transported me back to the familiarity of Boracay Island. I walked through its pristine shoreline and acquainted myself with the unclouded aquamarine to bright turquoise waters fronting the coastline. I made a handful grab of the sand from the clear water and felt the fine beach sand. I examined it thoroughly and could somehow determine that Tinagong Dagat although said to be similar to that of the famous Boracay Island, presents another pristine shorelines.

Boracay’s fine sands can be described as powder-like-becoming-creamy-white-pastes once mixed with the sea water while Tinagong Dagat’s beach sand is less powdered however it is much finer compared to all the islands we visited enclosed with sand.
Photo courtesy by: Angel Estera
After discovering with certainty and without hesitation, I decided to take a dip instead, and simply enjoying the pristine environment. The seawater is calm, and refreshing although it’s already noon time giving an ambiance of relaxation. I looked up the entire domain with the richness of flora as its background and thought, “If people are just open to the idea, this could be a destination itself without comparing to other scenic spots.”

Meanwhile, I was saddened seeing one of the boulders located at the right corner of the shore which was crafted by the selfishness of human habitats- a self-proclaimed sign of greediness.

After dipping the saltwater, we decided to onboard and continued our journey to the next Island- Isla de Gigantes Sur (South Gigantes Island).

More photos at (Click the link below to navigate):

Tinagong Dagat (Hidden Beach) is part of the official itinerary of the Islas de Gigantes Tour provided by Tour Operator. 

Our Iloilo Trip was made possible by AirAsia Philippines, and part of its Iloilo Inaugural Flight from Cagayan de Oro City.

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