Thursday, March 30, 2017

24HourProject, Cagayan de Oro Photographers on Documenting Humanity to Make a Difference

Photographers come together in one single day to document stories in real time as they share the human condition of their city one photo per hour during twenty four hours #24HourProject.

This year, Cagayan de Oro, the City of Golden Friendship will once again join the 24HourProject, an annual Worldwide Documentary Project happening on April 01, 2017 (Saturday).

I am excited to announce that for the second time, I will be this year’s City Ambassador representing Cagayan de Oro for this global documentation campaign together with Jay Nava Ermitano for Metro Manila Leg, and Berndrick Panganiban heading the Rizal Leg; the newest city to be added in the rooster list in the country.

The Cagayan de Oro Leg was first initiated by Gian James Maagad, an award-winning Street Photographer based in Cagayan de Oro last 2014 and later in 2015 joined by Hensell Prince Hebaya, and Ian Harold Walag, also street photographers. Last year, 2016, there were 19 photographers from Cagayan de Oro who joined the initiative with 1 from Iligan City.

This year, the 24HourProject Cagayan de Oro Leg will be kicking off at exactly 12:00 mid night. Assembly area would be at the Plaza Divisoria, Cagayan de Oro near Tourism House fronting both Jollibee and BDO Main Office. The full itinerary are as follows:
Assembly Time: 11:00pm (March 31, 2017, Friday Night)
Start of the Documentary Project: 12:01am (April 01, 2017 Saturday)
Assembly Place: Plaza Divisoria, Cagayan de Oro City

Photographers joining this documentary project are requested to bring the following. Some items are optional though:
- Digital Single Lens Reflex/Translucent cameras, and/or Mirrorless Interchangeable Lens cameras.
- Point and Shoot camera and Mobile owners are also welcome to join.
- A good tripod (If necessary)
- External flashes (If necessary)
- Extra shirt
- Bottled water
- Pocket money
- Lots of Fun and Awesomeness!

Points of Interest:
- Plaza Divisoria                   - JR Borja Bridge                 - C.M. Recto Avenue
- Gaston Park                       - Cogon Market                    - Agora Terminal
- Capistrano Street               - Osmena Street                  - Vicente de Lara Park
- JR Borja Bridge                  - Carmen Market
- Bulua West Bound Terminal and Fish Market

Also, please be informed that we will be giving you a chosen FREE Route for you to have your documentation after 9 in the morning. This will allow you to go anywhere you want and compose your own scenario.

With this year's global theme of "HUMAN CONDITION" on "No Human is Illegal", the participants are expected to document universal emotions that portrays the theme such as humor, love, sadness, joy, fulfillment, pain, loneliness, and the likes through photograph.

Interested individuals may reach me through my photography facebook fanpage: or directly contact me through mobile: 0906-6577-669. See you soon!

The 24HourProject gathers street and documentary photographers from around the globe to share in real time as they document the human condition of their city. Photographers share one photo per hour during twenty four hours.

Believing that no human is illegal, this year’s edition of the 24HourProject we are coming together to provide urgently needed relief to REFUGEES by supporting Lesvos Solidarity. A refugee camp run by volunteers providing shelter and hospitality to the most vulnerable humans.

Through the 24HourProject’s mission, market and global exhibitions, the project reaches millions of individuals annually showcasing the human connection of images and real live stories.

Document Humanity to Make a Difference. By bringing the 24HourProject world community together and creating partnerships with NGOs, we aim to raise awareness to world human condition issues.

The Global collaboration of the project lead to gallery exhibitions in Finland, Venezuela, Italy, Australia, United States, Iran and Mexico.

Each participant shares to social media one photo every hour for the full 24 hours of their city following 24HourProject guidelines. The images, theme and content become viral in all social media giving a live view to the world hour by hour. After the event, photographer select their best pictures taken during the event and submit their final 24 photos to Photos then become selected to travel exhibitions and are part of conferences, workshops and photo books.

The 24HourProject was co-founded by two photographers, Renzo Grande and Sam Smotherman, in 2012. The idea began with a personal project to document and compare two different cities for one full day. That same year, other photographers got interested and on the first edition of the project there were 65 world photographers documenting 24 cities.

Last year, 2016, there were 2785 photographers in 718 cities from 107 countries. The global collaboration of the project lead to gallery exhibitions in Australia, Finland, Iran, Italy, Malaysia, Mexico, Poland, United States, and Venezuela.

To participate, register here:

Sunday, February 26, 2017

Announcing The Winner of the 9th Scott Kelby's World Wide Photo Walk Cagayan de Oro- North Min Leg

“Everything in life begins with connection. In each moment, we are choosing to join or separate - to connect or disconnect - and the person to whom we're speaking feels what we have chosen regardless of our words.” - Samie Al-Achrafi, CEO of Marmalade Fish

The 9th Scott Kelby Worldwide Photo Walk competition is accordingly one of the toughest and hardest competitions ever as mentioned by Scott Kelby himself during the announcement of the Top 10 winners last November 15, 2016 as official entries portrayed certain story lines strongly manifested through image composition, and other combinations to create a superb photo.

Cagayan de Oro- Northern Mindanao Leg alone is no exception as I had a hard time choosing that one image to represent the Leg to the World wide selection. There were actually 50+ official Photowalk participants not to mention the walk-in participants during the day itself and out of the mentioned numbers, my task is (was) to choose the most exceptional image amongst others.

And yes, the same as last year where I was also the Photo Walk Leader, I included our very own local contest with this year’s theme “Creative Expression through Genetics and Experience: Human Connection”. I added to spice up the annual Photo Walk tradition with amazing and exciting prizes coming from our sponsors such as Colours Digital Foto, Canon DHUB, Modtrade, Duka Bay Resort, 2GO Travel, Carl’s Buy and Sell, and Dhanstore. I will also be picking up the Top 10 Winners of the Local category which will be judged according to (i) Relevance to the theme, (ii) Composition, (iii) Story-line, and (iv) Originality.

But before announcing the one overall victor, let me also name to you my Top 10 images for the local contest. These chosen images together with the winning photo of the local contest will receive the following:

The Top 10 winning images will receive Certificate of Recognition while the Top 5 winners will get special prizes coming from our sponsors such as a Junior Suite accommodation for one (1) night with complimentary breakfast good for two (2) persons at Duka Bay Resort, Polo Shirt from Modtrade, and basic EOS bag from Carls Buy and Sell. The Top 3 Winners will also receive additional prizes from Colours Digital Foto and Canon DHUB. Our overall winner on the other hand will receive special prizes from Dhanstore and a roundtrip passage ticket to any destination in the Philippines served by 2Go Travel on Tourist Class accommodation together with the aforesaid rewards.

Now sit back and enjoy the photos, and allow the winners to tell you their winning pieces. Without further ado.


TOP 10
Photo by: Pete Gerard Nacalaban
The young girl during a usual market day in a black and white canvas. I like how the photographer displayed the character within the context. The image somehow has the visual story telling efficacy manifested through the main character, that is the young girl as she is somewhat connected to the graphical realm (the notepad). Another distinct and supportive element is the revelation of the number 130 directly demonstrated using the rule of thirds. I don’t want to go depth into this since it is a subjective matter and complexity is dense but if you are familiar with the Angel Numbers or the Symbol of Numbers, 130 can be broken down into 3 different numbers of 1, 3, and 0. To make this simple, 130 is a combination of creation and inspiration, oneness and wholeness, and excellent communication. Therefore, this element is correlated to the main character or principal subject.

Photo by: Jovil Fullo
This image portrays the basic form of connection- Family ties. As you may notice, everything in the frame is connected with a bond. The photographer represents a universal connection of the existence of that element within the whole scene at any level, and any form. There is an information, a story that somehow interacts between the subject and supporting characters. This alone is understood as a special form a spur-of-the-moment connection.

Photo by: John Andrew Uy
I chose this photograph to include to the top 10 list simply because it portrays a connection of oneness, and the power of eternity. The photographer is successful in making a viewpoint visible to the observers. Contemplation or prayer as we all know, represents a direct relationship or the intercourse of the soul with God. The act or practice of praying to the Almighty is a form of communication hence played an important role to the theme.

Talking about the composition on the other hand, I am somewhat impressed with the whole standard throughout. I love how the photographer played with symmetry using the people, the two women on the right and the man on the left wearing white shirt, with the column as the elements. There’s no denying to support the image.

Photo by: Patsky Sagocsoc
A scene which rarely gets recognition or attention but what attracts me to this photograph to include to the top list is the fact that it conjures emotional connection between the characters; the mother and child. The unbiased, yet passionate narrative give this image much more interesting senses that captured a rare moment of endearment and love.

Photo by: Alandino Lingat Jr.
A charming scene! I like how the photographer captured the undeniable delightful expression of the kids representing a brotherhood. The image established a cheerful emotion of the characters of the visual content. The facial expressions of both kids including their unspoiled gestures are the key importance on making this image interesting.

Photo by: Argie Yanez
In photography, we sometimes, or most of the time, multiply each concept to include both content, composition, and color to get that remarkable image however this photograph gives a real sense of dramatic illustration of suspense through black and white canvas.

You see, the photographer effectively balanced the rendering of black and white similar to balancing positive and negative space in achieving a great composition. Not only that, the image is a great example of combining five rules in one image; Leading Lines, Pattern, Monochrome, Rule of Thirds, and the Golden Ratio. This brilliant composition creates impact in the scene overall.

Photo by: Feliciano Legara III
The bittersweet image of reality. It is believed that compassion and emotional connection are imperative in a good picture. In this image, the photographer somehow brings life to the main characters from the overall scene. You see, the photographer demonstrated what he sees in from of him, and somehow conveys it through this image that viewers will be attached eventually.

This image give us a sense of belonging, and acceptance, a sense of vulnerability and identity, and most of all, a sense of intimacy and connectivity. Indeed, this image is a visual narrative, with rich in context through characters and elements. One way or another, this image is a story that is actually happening.

Photo by: Angelo Rodriguez Jr.
The photograph is visually appealing and has a strong composition of balance and harmony, complementing creativity. You see, the photographer works well when composing an image with different story from portrait to landscape. Additionally, what something that caught me off-guard is how the photographer successfully established the plot of the photograph. This may not be the best example of the Golden Ratio in Photography but somehow the image produces an aesthetically pleasing composition as each elements of the image has the potential to connect with different scenes inside the framework.

The color is very well played as the characters and each elements draws the viewer’s eye to the image that undeniably holds or even catches the viewer’s attention within the context of the entire scene. Overall, the details allows the viewer to become fully involved and to be led around the image in a natural course. This photography alone beautifully illustrates the theme.

Photo by: Abel Matthew Silawan
What something caught my eyes with this image is the emotional connection of the main character to the element. There is a distinctive sense of depth and emotion to the image. This is an astonishing photograph, indeed. It leapt out for me not only the framing, but how the photographer successful impressed on how to direct the viewer’s attention through coming up close to the subject and making it more personal; this is what we actually call, filling the whole frame in photography.

While it is definitely true that black and white photographs display much more attention and emotion, and even personal character, this photo proves that shooting in color adds more life to the image, a life full of real stories. The appearance of the old man is beaming with great details, the beard, the ruggedness of hands while adding colors to the figurine, the lines and wrinkles in the forehead, it definitely expresses a sense of enigmatic and untold stories worth beyond his age.

I am truly amazed on how the outcome of the photo displayed more natural looking yet provides dramatic connection of the main character and the whole element, especially on how it provides an interesting contrast in the framework.

Photo by: Jade Anthony Pilongo
“We all need stories in order to understand the world.”

The image that really caught my attention that somehow captures an instant of reality that human connections brings complexity to each of us. It is a fact that the whole image has taken on such perfection.

The photographer clearly gives life to the image composed that is somehow or otherwise be so perfect it might not seem real. This is one of those magical moments any photographer would love to capture. The use of symmetry combining it with leading lines are well manifested. The image is beautifully composed with rich in character’s emotion transcended to the one we believe as the Almighty.

We believe that light plays a crucial part of every photograph and can be one of the most powerful tools and remarkably the image formed an indispensable element throughout the whole scene. It presents a new layer of interest of human emotions and even add depth, and character to the photo even if the person being photographed as the main character is behind the glass. This image is spectacularly amazing!

Again, as what I believe, the emotional content and visual narrative serves to be the most important elements of the photo regardless of what photographic techniques manifested. Therefore, the image becomes that defining moment that is the very definition of human connection; it is all about making a viewpoint visible.

Photo by: Froilan Jan Macapil
I couldn’t resist sharing with you this photograph. This is actually one of my favorite entries from the images submitted. Technically, the image was not taken during the photowalk’s official location but within the region. I love the perfectly exposed color of sunset complemented with the shadows of the children playing around being the main characters and supported by another stories of family, and man-women relationship. There’s no denying, it is a real treat. The image is simply remarkable!

I would like to thank once again our local sponsors for gracing your support and the prizes. I would also like to extend my heartfelt appreciation to all the Photo Walkers who participanted the 9th Scott Kelby Photo Walk. Congratulations to the winners!

The Cagayan de Oro Northern Mindanao Leg is brought to you by:
Event Partners: Colours Digital Foto, Canon DHUB, Modtrade, and Duka Bay Resort.
Sponsors: Clement Dampal Photography, 2GO Travel, Carl’s Buy and Sell, Dhanstore, Sovereign Skates, Nature’s Spring, Mabuhay Media Print, Hab-Hub Eat All You Can Pastry, Photo Warehouse Visayas, and Cagayan de Oro Photography Photoshoot.

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Saturday, January 21, 2017

Take A Peek: Pasalamat Festival 2017 Street Dancing and Festival Queen Competition

The City of Pagadian successfully showcased the annual celebration of the Pasalamat Festival last January 15, 2017 filling the city's streets leading to Plaza Luz with vibrant hues of participants performing their distinctive yet synchronized dances while singing "Viva! Senyor Sto. Niño! Pit Senyor!".

Pasalamat Festival is an annual celebration of the locals of Pagadian City giving thanks for the bountiful and fruitful harvest in honor to its patron saint, Sto. Niño (The Holy Child Jesus), which coincides with the feast-day of Cebu City. The festivity celebrated every third Sunday of January. Accordingly, the origin of the Pasalamat Festival was meant to honor the folklore god of agriculture. "The locals had to go to Mt. Kanlaon to honor the god and to give their gratitude from an abundant harvest. But as time had passed, it was transformed into far more colorful and exciting event to be in."

One of the highlight events during the Pasalamat Festival are the Street Dancing, Ritual Showdown, and the Festival Queen Competition participated by thirteen public secondary schools in the city.

Sta. Lucia National High School was announced as the Champion for the ritual showdown competition bagging the grand prize worth P200,000.00. The Pagadian City Science High School garnered the Second Placer receiving P100,000.00 while Co Tek Chun National High School placed on the Third Placer receiving P75,000.00.

For the Street Dancing Competition, Pagadian City Science High School announced as the Champion receiving the cash prize of P100,000.00 followed by Zamboanga del Sur National High School (San Pedro Annex) as the 2nd Placer with P75,000.00. Napolan National High School was announced as the 3rd Placer receiving P50,000.00.

On the other hand, Ms Shiela Mae Navaro, an 18-year old student of Co Tek Chun National High School was announced as the Festival Queen 2017.

All winners received trophies while non-lucky contingents received consolation prizes.

Photos courtesy of Al-Rashid Ahadain with permission.

Friday, January 20, 2017

Cagayan de Oro to celebrate the 2nd Chinese New Year Festival

In observance of the Chinese New Year which will fall on January 28, 2017, The City Government of Cagayan de Oro will be celebrating the Chinese New Year Festival marked as the 2nd season of the said event, welcoming the Year of the Rooster with different activities line up.

The 2nd Chinese New Year Festival will commence on January 21, 2017 at 4:00pm in Tirso Neri- Apolinar Velez- Abejuela Streets, which will the follow by a series of activities until February 09, 2017.

Other activities for the said festival are as follows:

* CHINESE FOOD FAIR AND EXHIBIT at Centrio Mall, Ayala during mall hours on January 27, 2017 with motorcade around 4:00pm from Rodelsa Circle to the key areas in the city to Divisoria.

* CHINESE ZODIAC FORECAST (Mall hours), from January 27 to February 09, 2017.

* NEW YEAR'S DAY CEREMONIES (Whole day) at the Bell Church Biasong, Macasandig on January 28, 2017.

* LION DANCE AND CULTURAL SHOWS by Kong Hua School and Oro Christian Grace School at Limketkai Center from 2:00pm to 5:00pm on January 28, 2017.

* CHINESE NEW YEAR DANCE COMPETITION at the Activity Area, Gaisano City Mall around 2:00pm on January 28, 2017.

* CHINESE COSPLAY FESTIVAL at the Activity Center, Centrio Mall, Ayala, around 5:00pm on January 28, 2017.

* CHINESE NEW YEAR CELEBRATION with performances by Kong Hua School at the Activity Center, Centrio Mall, Ayala on January 29, 2017.


Thursday, January 19, 2017

LINX Lounge Bar- The Newest Luxury Lounge Bar in Cebu

Experience the Luxury as one of the newest lounge bars in Metro Cebu is set to open its doors to the public tonight (January 20, 2017, Friday) with its theme Plush FRIDAYS (Experience the Luxury).


LINX Lounge Bar is located at the City Time Square 2 (Beside City Time Square 1) Mantawi Avenue, Reclamation Area, Mandaue City, Cebu. Accordingly, LINX Lounge Bar has an estimated floor area of 300+ square meters which can accommodate up to 250 persons. The Luxury Lounge Bar features an alfresco bar outside the establishment. Additionally, the audio system has been meticulously tuned and innovated by Tom Anderson Lim Uy (LAV SOLUTIONS), the man behind the great audio music of LIV Super Club's both Cebu and Cagayan de Oro. Hence, expect a sense of music euphoria.

The Luxury Club will feature some of Metro Cebu's finest DJ's for their soft opening tonight (January 20, 2017) including DJ CharlZ, and DJ Jack Dong. Moreover, LINX Lounge Bar will be bringing Carla Espiritu, one of Manila's female DJ's to watch for and 2 special celebrity guests (female and male).

Photo sources: 
- Oblivion via Carla Espiritu
- DJ CharlZ
- LIV Super Club via DJ Jack Dong

The good news is, NO ENTRANCE FEE for tonight's soft opening. A strict dress code policy will be implemented and age restriction applies (18+).

For inquiries and table reservations, call/text (0916) 736 6626. Look for Jay.

#LINXLounge #ExperienceTheLuxury
DJ Carla Espiritu (Photo source: Oblivion)
DJ Carla Espiritu (Photo source: Oblivion)
DJ CharlZ of Metro Cebu
DJ Jack Dong of Metro Cebu (Photo source: LIV Superclub)
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