Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Importance Of Accessories For Adventure For Travelling To Tadoba Resort

For your next trip, you might want something exciting or adventurous in different parts of the world. You might have the wish of scaling the steep rocks in one part of the world or climbing mountains on another. Even if you are an avid traveller who has the glory of exploring rough terrains, still then, you might have the urge to undertake few more adventurous trips. Adventure often involves some risk, exploration and also some amount of physical exertion. You need to follow few guidelines regarding the trip that you need to follow. Information regarding the safety, gears used for travel play an important role in these expeditions.

Significance of accessories
Travel accessories make the trip comfortable and also ensure safety and security throughout the journey. Irrespective of the part that you are travelling to the accessories play an important role for the survival of the traveller. The planning of a travel initiates with the proper research as it helps to formulate the inventory, book the transportation and the accommodation. So once you have set the inventory, plan your travel accessories based on the duration of the trip, destination and also the nature of adventure.

Choice of clothing is important
Clothing is an integral part of the travel accessory. For the travel, wear something light that are easy to pack, takes less space and also comfortable to years. Carry clothes that can protect you from the extreme weather conditions and insect bites. Opt for the clothes that are durable and waterproof. You also need to take gloves and muffler as the early morning and night can be quite cold. The sun hats are also essential for the sunny days. Always choose the correct footwear that keeps the foot comfortable. Any wrong footwear can mar your travel.

Include the first aid kit
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First aid kit is an integral part of the accessory. Depending on the weather condition of your destination and also after assessing your physical ability, you need to decide on the contents of the first aid box. Make sure that you have the essentials as ointment, gauze, band-aid, gloves and scissors in the kit. Include the pills that are essential for your health condition in the kit. Prior to the onset of the journey, you can also consult your physicians and include medicines that cure the general ailments in the first aid kit.

Accessories to ensure safe water
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While travelling, you have to cook each meal with your co-travellers. Portable stoves, cutlery, plates and cooking utensils, all needs to be included in the travel accessory. Carry a fire starter so that can set a fire as and when needed. If you want to avoid purchasing bulky bottles while travelling, you can also carry various portable water filters, and tablets that aim at purifying the water. If you are in Tadoba, and hiking in those parts, you can stay at the Tadoba resort. There are ample sources of clean and sweet water from the waterholes in the vicinity. Carrying a bottle can be helpful for the expeditions as it can be used for storage unit.

Navigate your way
Getting lost is the worst thing that you will be and the last thing that you want while travelling. Your selection of compass, travel maps and various navigational aids can help you to stick to your trail. A torch is a must in the travel kit as it will save you from various hassles and life threatening incidents. There are specific models of lanterns for the outdoor travel. Also take multi-tool and penknives that can help you to do a number of activities related to your trip. So, you include these in the accessory.

Note: This article is a guest post contributed by David Maxwell. For reference, please check below information about the author.

Author Bio: David Maxwell writes blogs on adventure. In the latest trip, he went to Tadoba resort in the natural part of the same name. After that he wrote a blog on the accessories, one should carry for the trip.

Thursday, August 21, 2014

How To Be Ready For Your Single Trip Any Way!

Too often single people will put off an activity or stop doing things they want to because they feel like being single is holding them back. In reality, being single can give you more freedom to accomplish the things you want to without worrying about the other commitments you may have. Vacations are a great way to meet new people and to possibly start a new relationship. There are several great places to travel alone. 

Here are the five tips that can help you make the most of your time when you are traveling alone.

Plan Ahead
While traveling alone gives you more freedom to change your plans and to explore a new country, you may want to plan ahead, so you know where you will be staying. One option is to sign up for a tour group that caters to singles. This provides a natural way for you to meet new people and gives you enough of an itinerary that you should be safe as you explore your next travel destination. 

Budget for Travel and Then Some
Since you are traveling alone, you should be sure to budget carefully, and to have access to extra money in the event that your purse or wallet is stolen while you are out of the country. You should also take advantage of any coupons for travel that you may have, especially when going to the best places to travel alone. When you are creating a budget, be sure to allow enough that you can stay in one location longer than planned or that you can take a side trip that you learn about from the locals. 
Be Open to New Ideas
When you travel by yourself, it is important to be open to new ideas. Step out of your comfort zone. If you take the time to try new foods and activities, you are also opening yourself up to meeting new people. It is also important to allow yourself to break free from any stereotypes that you have about your perfect mate. You may find that opposites attract or find yourself swept away by a foreign romance. This is just one of the benefits of traveling alone.

Make Friends as You Go
When traveling alone, you need to take the time to make new friends along the way. It can be refreshing to be in a new place where no one has any assumptions of who you are or what you like. If you want to be more outgoing than normal, or if you want to be more flirtatious, a vacation is the best time to do this. Be sure to look for the best places to travel alone so that you can meet other people who are open to forming new relationships while on your trip. You may have a hot summer vacation romance or end up meeting the love of your life. Unless you are open and putting yourself out there, you may be passing by some of the best memories you will ever create. 

Note: This article is a guest post contributed by Jane Hudson. For reference, please check below information about the author.

Author Bio: Jane Hudson loves to travel and visit the world. Traveling alone allows her to see places and meet new people she’s never met before. She writes on saving money and frugal living, and more. For more of her helpful blog posts, please go to  Coupon4share.com  or her G+ to see useful tips on various topics.

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Monday, August 18, 2014


PRESS RELEASE: HONDA CARS CAGAYAN DE ORO, August 19, 2014 - Once again, Honda Cars Cagayan de Oro, Inc. (HCCG) formally announces another Nationwide Fun Test Drive Event for the month of August 2014 as the Global Japanese Brand allows the consumers to experience the distinctive Honda advantage through its Nationwide Fun Test Drive this August 21-25, 2014 at any Honda Dealership.

In connection with Honda Cars Philippines, Inc. (HCPI) Fun Test Drive announcement, Honda Cars Cagayan de Oro invites the public to test drive Honda’s latest automobiles and a chance to win a Sony Bravia 40-inch LED TV. Customers who will inquire, do the test drive, and reserve any of its models in the given dates are qualified to join the raffle promo.

List of winners will be published digitally at Honda Cars Philippines, Inc. website www.hondaphil.com, Facebook, and Twitter Accounts within (3) three days after the draw. Winners will be given sixty (60) days upon receipt of notification to claim their prize. Unclaimed prizes after the given period will be forfeited automatically.
The All-New Honda CITY (Touch Tomorrow) – Advanced mobility is in your hands with the All-New Honda City. Experience power and fuel efficiency reinforced and designed with a vision that is ahead of time in one sleek wrap up. Utilizing cutting-edge driving innovations and delivering outstanding comfort features- It is the sedan for drivers who want more. [Available variants: 1.5 E (MT), 1.5 E (CVT), 1.5 E (CVT Modulo Utility), 1.5 VX (CVT), 1.5 VX+ (CVT), 1.5 VX (CVT Modulo Utility)].
The All-New Honda JAZZ (The One) – Discover endless fun with the All-New Honda Jazz. It brings fresh exhilaration to every driving experience with its ULTR Mode- The Ultra Seat is further improved to increase the utility and practicality that the Jazz is known for, the All-New Honda Jazz has the versatility to quickly and easily adapt to a wide variety of passengers and cargo-hauling needs. It gives you the freedom to live the lifestyle you choose. [Available variants: 1.5 V (MT, CVT), 1.5 VX (CVT), 1.5 VX+ (CVT)].
The New Honda CIVIC (Unmatched) – Drive in green efficiency. The New Honda Civic uses the latest engine optimizing technology. With just a push of the ECON button, several vehicle settings adjust in order to optimize fuel efficiency. Redefining the meaning of passengers cars, the Honda Civic is the ultimate sedan with its innovative design, class-above features and unmatched power and fuel-efficiency. [Available variants: 1.8S (AT), 1.8 E Modulo (AT), 1.8 E Modulo (White Orchid Pearl, AT), 2.0 EL MUGEN (AT), 2.0 EL MUGEN (White Orchid Pearl, AT)].
The All-New Honda ACCORD – A vehicle like no other, the All-New Honda Accord is unparallel in comfort, performance, and design- the product of Honda’ all-out pursuit for sedan excellence, successfully uniting all elements: a bold and defined exteriority that exudes a luxurious vibe, and sporty youthful experience. With the revolutionary i-VTEC VCM system and Dream Technology, the Accord once again stands in a class of its own. Experience the Accord’s class-above quality, riding comfort, and features for yourself, and discover why the new Accord represents a distinct “status upgrade” for the sedan. [Available variants: 2.4 S (AT), 2.4 S Brilliant White (AT), 3.5 SV (AT), 3.5 SV Brilliant White (AT)].
Honda’s 5th Generation CR-V – Rethink what you know about the usual SUV. The CR-V line is refreshed with Cruiser Edition powered by KENWOOD Entertainment System with built-in Garmin Navigation, Honda once again proves its unrelenting pursuit for total customer satisfaction, thus entirely changes the customers perception of an SUV. Experience how bold and rugged construction meets sophisticated urban styling all in one comfortable ride. [Available variants: 2.0 V (MT, AT), 2.0 S Cruiser Edition (AT), 2.0 S White Orchid Pearl (AT), 2.0 S White Orchid Pearl Cruiser Edition (AT), 2.4 SX (AT), 2.4 SX Cruiser Edition (AT), 2.4 SX AT White Orchid Pearl (AT), 2.4 SX White Orchid Pearl Cruiser Edition (AT)].
Celebrate your “Holiday” with Honda Cars Cagayan de Oro this August 21-25, 2014 at any of your favorite dealership. Special tokens to be given away when you test drive.
Per DTI IV-A Permit # 08-248, Series of 2014.
For inquiries, reservations, and/or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact Honda Cars Cagayan de Oro and look for Clement Dampal II (Sales Executive- 0906-6577669).

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

An Aerial Journey around Palawan

Considered to be the Last Frontier of the Philippines and was awarded by Travel + Leisure Magazine for the World's Best Island last 2013, Palawan is indeed an Island Paradise filled with pristine beaches, sub-aquatic beauty, and the abundance of endemic fauna and flora.
Photo showing the Puerto Princesa Underground River, one of the Seven (7) Wonders of Nature.

Last July 24, 2014, a group of Film Makers from the Matador Network published a video showing the aerial view of the province. With the assistance of Taophilippines.com, the entire film was shot on a DJI Phantom 2, equipped with the H3-3D gimbal along with a Go Pro Hero 3+ showing the beauty of El Nido, Coron and other beaches of Palawan.

"Come along on an aerial journey around this magical area of the Philippines and enjoy a view that until recently, was only for the birds."- Matador Network

Find more great content at http://www.matadornetwork.com

Friday, July 18, 2014

I Heart CDO by Islands Souvenir

The brand that started it all, the Islands Souvenir by the Islands Group will take Cagayan de Oro with heights on July 19, 2014 in Centrio Mall, Ayala Center at 04:00pm as the Cebu-origin company will launch their second store in the city together with the introduction of the "I Heart CDO" Campaign featuring the company's Brand Ambassadors, a dynamic group of proud locals who will showcase their love for Cagayan de Oro.

Being the City of Golden Friendship, the "I Heart CDO" campaign focuses on the promotion of the city and its tourism most likely being the Whitewater Rafting Capital of the Philippines, the city who started the outdoor adventure way back 1995.

The launch event kicks off with a special Fashion Show that will put the brand’s bestselling shirts under the spotlight. The show features the city’s hottest models dressed in different Islands Souvenirs shirts and looks from casual to glam, sports to street and everything in between. More than just an ordinary souvenir shirt, the brand’s ‘I Heart’ line is also a fashion statement that gives the wearer the opportunity to show their pride and love for CDO. The shirts’ different colours and graphics can be mixed, matched, customised and personalised to suit different lifestyles and personalities. 

The Fashion Show and Launch Event will be capped off with the introduction of Islands Souvenirs ‘I Heart CDO’ Brand Ambassadors. Catch true-blue Kagay-anons strut their stuff on the catwalk and express their pride and love for Cagayan de Oro. 

“The ‘I Heart’ campaign focuses on love and pride of place. Cagayan de Oro is a great tourist destination with different kinds of attractions, adventures, places, flavors and colors that Kagayan-ons can be proud to call their very own. The campaign gives tourists and visitors more compelling reasons to visit, taste, experience and enjoy the best of CDO,” says Jay Aldeguer Founder and CEO of The Islands Group. 

The ‘I HeartCDO’ campaign features proud Kagay-anons, local CDO personalities from different walks of life including Irene Aserios, Joji Ferrer, Nicole Abas-Datayan, Chingkee Te, Gil Macaibay III, Maxine Monasterio, Desiree Lim, Jeminah Ferrer, Kyle Jennermann, Nadine Legaspi, Awi Chaves, Francis Velasquez and RB Banaag. Get to know your ‘I Heart CDO’ Brand Ambassadors better at the I Heart Cagayan De Oro Fashion Show. Don’t miss out on this exciting event! 

Through the years, the brand has become the leading brand of premium-quality souvenirs in the Philippines. With over 80 outlets nationwide strategically located in the country’s top tourist destinations, Islands Souvenirs continues to strengthen its brand identity and position by giving customers a vibrant shopping experience, best-quality products at affordable prices, innovative and creative concepts, exceptional customer service and exciting events. Visit the Islands Souvenirs Store along the East Concourse of Limketkai Center and 2F of Centrio Mall. 

Like them on Facebook www.facebook.com/Islands.Souvenirs.
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