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Apple Tree Resort and Hotel- The First Hotel to Inagurate a Christmas Tree Lighting Event in Metro Cagayan de Oro

The spirit of the Yuletide Season kicked off last December 01, 2014 at Opol, Misamis Oriental as the Apple Tree Resort and Hotel launches the First Christmas Tree Lighting Event in Metro Cagayan de Oro with their special recipient- The kids from the Children's Joy Foundation, Inc.
Photo courtesy: Shaun Alejandrae Uy

It has been a tradition to everyone especially the Christians to light up their Christmas Trees with different decors as to signify the start of the yuletide celebration in the country. Filipinos are even proud to have the longest and merriest Christmas season in the world starting from the BER month, that is September and ends on January, after the 3 Kings Celebration.

The history of the Christmas Tree Lighting specifically the custom of putting strings of lights on trees can be traced back in 1882 when the Associate of Thomas Edison, Mr Edward Johnson wired red, white and blue bulbs together and placed them on an evergreen tree. The tradition started then when President Grover Cleveland followed suit and decorated a Christmas Tree in the White House with stringed lights in 1895.

Christmas tree lighting is an industry tradition where a hotel introduces the year's Yuletide promotions and beneficiaries to the press and high society. The Christmas tree lighting event initiated by the Apple Tree Resort and Hotel is considered to be the first of its kind in the Hotel Industry in Metro Cagayan de Oro as stated by the COHARA President Ms Nelia Lee (Cagayan de Oro Hotel and Restaurant Associations) and confirmed by Ms Nollie, the Executive Secretary of the Organization.

The event started with a thanksgiving mass held at the Pavilion of the hotel at 3 in the afternoon and followed by the program proper which was commenced with a live song performance of Mr Steve Norman Ebonia, Head Waiter of the Hotel (Right image attached)

Ms Maria Joslyn D. Alvaro and Mr Alfonso Antonio Rodano being the Emcees introduced the next presenters from the Housekeeping Department, followed by the kids from the Children's Joy Foundation and a dance number from the Foods and Beverages Service Department as they graced the audience including the Department of Tourism Region 10 Tourism Officer Ms Cha Ladera, Hotel guests and valued customers, the Media Team, TESDA 10, and COHARA Officers.

Meanwhile, Filipino delicacies were also served on hand during the socialization part. These foods includes Queso de Bola and Ham Combo, Chicken Finger with Teriyaki sauce, Tuna Canape, Sweetened Sticky Rice with Coconut Milk Reduction and Mango Puree most commonly known as the Biko, Cassava Rolls with Sweetened Coconut or the famous Suman, Cheesy Torta, Chocolate Brownies, Watermelon Lemonade and the Sikwate. Ham with Pineapple sauce were on the action station while Bam-i, Chicken Adobo, and Vegetable Lumpia were included on the Chafing Dish.

Queso de bola and Ham Combo
Chicken Finger with Teriyaki Sauce

Apple Tree Resort and Hotel Management chose the Children's Joy Foundation, Inc. as the sole beneficiary of the event as they have been with the hotel for the past years caroling and singing their medley yuletide songs during the Christmas seasons. The Children's Joy Foundation, Inc. is a non-stock, nonprofit organization to help the abandoned, neglected and surrendered children in some urban areas. It was established in Davao City and was registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission on June 15, 1998. It provides temporary care for children and youth needing rehabilitative and developmental services.

The foundation seeks to assist the neglected, abandoned and surrendered children and youth in achieving their dreams through better education, physical and spiritual nourishment, above all God-loving and God centered individuals. 

As what its name stands for, the Children's Joy Foundation Inc., seeks to assist marginalized children to enjoy life to the full in a protective and caring environment, with a Godly fear oriented heart.

The official lighting of the Christmas Tree was commenced as Ms Greanne Trisha Mendoza, a Regional Star Patroller of ABS-CBN Northern Mindanao brought the television audience live to the actual event countdown in 3-2-1 together with the kids of the Children's Joy Foundation and the Apple Tree Resort and Hotel Team being the forefront of the scene singing the Kapamilya's "Thank you, ang babait ninyo" 2014 Official Christmas station ID song. The local edition of TV Patrol also covered the event live during the 5:00pm-5:45pm newscast while local newspaper Media Team such as the Mindanao Daily News, Goldstar Daily News, CDO Times, Businessweek Mindanao joined the event.

The Christmas Tree stands at 13 feet with approximately 8 feet in circumference. The Christmas Tree alone have 2,000 pieces of golden-colored series of light which is made up of modern and colorful decors like Christmas balls, and flowers located at the grand lobby of the hotel.

The event officially ended after Santa Claus gave his bundles of joy to the kids of the Children's Joy Foundation.

Ms Bjanesha M. Emphasis, the new General Manager of the Apple Tree Resort and Hotel said that this is the beginning of the Christmas Tree lighting event of the hotel and will surely be an annual traditional event to celebrate with love, peacefulness and forgiveness, joy and and aims to put the Christmas season to the everyone's heart as the true meaning of the festivity- to give and to share your blessings.
The Apple Tree Resort and Hotel Team

P.S.: Photos during the Christmas Tree Lighting Event. All photos are owned by Clement Dampal II (unless otherwise stated) and is under Copyright law. The use of the photos without the consent of the owner is prohibited and will charge accordingly.
The Christmas Tree Lighting Event started with a Thanksgiving Mass.

The Housekeeping Department showcasing their Talents to the audience.

The Foods and Beverages Department with their energetic moves.


Chicken Adobo

Add caption
Behind the Scene shot before the official countdown
From Left to Right: Ms Maristela Maape (Admin & HR Supervisor),
Mr Ed Ayunting (Councilor- El Salvador City), Ms Bjanesha M. Emphasis (General Manager)
and Ms Lorna Nacua (Operations Manager)
Ms Bjanesha M. Emphasis with the COHARA Officers
Ms Bjanesha Emphasis with the DOT-10 Representatives and Mindanao Daily News
From Left to Right: Ms Bjanesha M. Emphasis, Ms Miles Bernedo
(Area Sales Manager- ABSCBN NorthMin) & Ms Cha Ladera (Tourism Officer, DOT-10)

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CDO BLOGGERS' Blogging Workshop- Learn How To Start a Blog

The Meriam-Webster defines "blog" as a web site on which someone writes about personal opinions, activities, and experiences while Rebecca's Pocket defines it as a truncation of the expression weblog, cited as a discussion or informational site published on the World Wide Web and consisting of discrete entries ("post") typically displayed in reverse chronological order (the most recent post appears first).

On December 17, 1997, the term ""weblog" came into existence when Jorn Barger coined the term describing the list of links of his Robot Wisdom website that "logged" his internet wanderings. Almost 17 years of its existence, the blog has matured from a geek niche to the internet's dominant publishing paradigm as described by Jenna Wortham of her article: After 10 Years of Blogs, the Future's Brighter Than Ever published last December 17, 2007.

Learning how to start a blog might confuse those newly acquainted individuals albeit millions of possible search results. A simple and hassle-free step is to check the search engine such as google and poof! about 844,000,000 search results over 0.50 seconds even Joel Runyon of Impossible Ventures is on the Top 5 Lists as he shared the "Definite Guide on How To Start a Blog". Yes, that is well-oriented article and helpful. 

One of the best ways to learn on starting a blog aside of doing that "just-search-the-web-stuff" is joining seminars and workshops for a much hands-on experience with other "bloggers" and even having a thorough discussion with the "Speakers".

Lucky enough, CDO Bloggers, Inc. will be having a hands-on Blogging workshop on November 29, 2014 (Saturday). The topics that will be discussed are "Learn How To Start A Blog and Maximize Social Media". Kindly check below information for reference.

TOPICS: "Learns How To Start A Blog and Maximize Social Media".
WHEN: November 29, 2014 (Saturday)
TIME: 2pm-5pm
WHERE: JIA CHA CAFE, Ground Floor, Divisoria Arcade, Pabayo-T.Neri Street, Cagayan de Oro City
REGISTRATION: P200.00 inclusive of snacks and certificate

You may register here: JOIN US

Ms Ruby S. Caberte- The woman behind the 2 successful sites: Eats Good To Wander and CDO MOM.

Ms. Edelma A. Cortez- The woman behind the fashion site: The Lady Soda

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CDOBloggers, Inc. or Cagayan de Oro Bloggers Incorporated, is a Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) registered non-profit organization composed of Bloggers and Social Media Practitioners in CDO and Northern Mindanao.
Our main aim is to promote the city of Cagayan de Oro and the whole island of Mindanao as a peaceful and thriving place in this part of the world through social media.
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FACING THE GIANTS? It's possible!

Taiwan has been acknowledged as the source of the very popular Milk Tea. It gained its popularity after it was featured in a Japanese show. Though less popular than coffee, the milk tea market has been a rising trend, with a promising future in the Philippines. New stores are coming up every now and then, leading to a more intense competition in the industry. In particular, within the city of Cagayan de Oro, new entrants face the challenge of gaining recognition behind big industry players and locally grown brands.

Challenging start
In July 2013, Jia Cha Café was born. Most people may think that making milk tea is easy because it requires less work in comparison with other business ventures. However, pioneers in the milk tea industry know that the road to opening a new milk tea shop isn’t easy. As unlike previous years, numerous milk tea shops have already been operating in the metro; with global brands also beginning its entry in Cagayan de Oro City. Thus, Jia Cha Café pioneers decided to face these challenges, start from scratch and work harder just to make the business work.

“We personally sourced for authentic quality ingredients, designed the interiors of the cafe and developed home made recipes to provide Jia Cha customers a pleasurable dining experience.
Jia Cha Café –Food Tea Fusion
To make Jia Cha Café a brand, it focused on the concept of- breaking down the “just tea” boundaries- providing a perfect balance of good food and good tea. “We continuously develop variants of delicious teas to complement with our hearty dishes, providing customers with the highest satisfaction.

To date, Jia Cha Café continues to develop new products in an effort to expand their offerings to give consumers the best gastronomic experience.

Jia Cha Café is open Mondays-Saturdays from 11:00 AM to 7:00 PM and is located on the Ground Level of Divisoria Arcade, R.N. Abejuela St., Cagayan de Oro City

Get connected and updated from Jia Cha Café via:

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Importance Of Accessories For Adventure For Travelling To Tadoba Resort

For your next trip, you might want something exciting or adventurous in different parts of the world. You might have the wish of scaling the steep rocks in one part of the world or climbing mountains on another. Even if you are an avid traveller who has the glory of exploring rough terrains, still then, you might have the urge to undertake few more adventurous trips. Adventure often involves some risk, exploration and also some amount of physical exertion. You need to follow few guidelines regarding the trip that you need to follow. Information regarding the safety, gears used for travel play an important role in these expeditions.

Significance of accessories
Travel accessories make the trip comfortable and also ensure safety and security throughout the journey. Irrespective of the part that you are travelling to the accessories play an important role for the survival of the traveller. The planning of a travel initiates with the proper research as it helps to formulate the inventory, book the transportation and the accommodation. So once you have set the inventory, plan your travel accessories based on the duration of the trip, destination and also the nature of adventure.

Choice of clothing is important
Clothing is an integral part of the travel accessory. For the travel, wear something light that are easy to pack, takes less space and also comfortable to years. Carry clothes that can protect you from the extreme weather conditions and insect bites. Opt for the clothes that are durable and waterproof. You also need to take gloves and muffler as the early morning and night can be quite cold. The sun hats are also essential for the sunny days. Always choose the correct footwear that keeps the foot comfortable. Any wrong footwear can mar your travel.

Include the first aid kit
Disclaimer Policy: The above photo was submitted by the
Contributor and is being used for reference only.
First aid kit is an integral part of the accessory. Depending on the weather condition of your destination and also after assessing your physical ability, you need to decide on the contents of the first aid box. Make sure that you have the essentials as ointment, gauze, band-aid, gloves and scissors in the kit. Include the pills that are essential for your health condition in the kit. Prior to the onset of the journey, you can also consult your physicians and include medicines that cure the general ailments in the first aid kit.

Accessories to ensure safe water
Disclaimer Policy: The above photo was submitted by the
Contributor and is being used for reference only.
While travelling, you have to cook each meal with your co-travellers. Portable stoves, cutlery, plates and cooking utensils, all needs to be included in the travel accessory. Carry a fire starter so that can set a fire as and when needed. If you want to avoid purchasing bulky bottles while travelling, you can also carry various portable water filters, and tablets that aim at purifying the water. If you are in Tadoba, and hiking in those parts, you can stay at the Tadoba resort. There are ample sources of clean and sweet water from the waterholes in the vicinity. Carrying a bottle can be helpful for the expeditions as it can be used for storage unit.

Navigate your way
Getting lost is the worst thing that you will be and the last thing that you want while travelling. Your selection of compass, travel maps and various navigational aids can help you to stick to your trail. A torch is a must in the travel kit as it will save you from various hassles and life threatening incidents. There are specific models of lanterns for the outdoor travel. Also take multi-tool and penknives that can help you to do a number of activities related to your trip. So, you include these in the accessory.

Note: This article is a guest post contributed by David Maxwell. For reference, please check below information about the author.

Author Bio: David Maxwell writes blogs on adventure. In the latest trip, he went to Tadoba resort in the natural part of the same name. After that he wrote a blog on the accessories, one should carry for the trip.

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How To Be Ready For Your Single Trip Any Way!

Too often single people will put off an activity or stop doing things they want to because they feel like being single is holding them back. In reality, being single can give you more freedom to accomplish the things you want to without worrying about the other commitments you may have. Vacations are a great way to meet new people and to possibly start a new relationship. There are several great places to travel alone. 

Here are the five tips that can help you make the most of your time when you are traveling alone.

Plan Ahead
While traveling alone gives you more freedom to change your plans and to explore a new country, you may want to plan ahead, so you know where you will be staying. One option is to sign up for a tour group that caters to singles. This provides a natural way for you to meet new people and gives you enough of an itinerary that you should be safe as you explore your next travel destination. 

Budget for Travel and Then Some
Since you are traveling alone, you should be sure to budget carefully, and to have access to extra money in the event that your purse or wallet is stolen while you are out of the country. You should also take advantage of any coupons for travel that you may have, especially when going to the best places to travel alone. When you are creating a budget, be sure to allow enough that you can stay in one location longer than planned or that you can take a side trip that you learn about from the locals. 
Be Open to New Ideas
When you travel by yourself, it is important to be open to new ideas. Step out of your comfort zone. If you take the time to try new foods and activities, you are also opening yourself up to meeting new people. It is also important to allow yourself to break free from any stereotypes that you have about your perfect mate. You may find that opposites attract or find yourself swept away by a foreign romance. This is just one of the benefits of traveling alone.

Make Friends as You Go
When traveling alone, you need to take the time to make new friends along the way. It can be refreshing to be in a new place where no one has any assumptions of who you are or what you like. If you want to be more outgoing than normal, or if you want to be more flirtatious, a vacation is the best time to do this. Be sure to look for the best places to travel alone so that you can meet other people who are open to forming new relationships while on your trip. You may have a hot summer vacation romance or end up meeting the love of your life. Unless you are open and putting yourself out there, you may be passing by some of the best memories you will ever create. 

Note: This article is a guest post contributed by Jane Hudson. For reference, please check below information about the author.

Author Bio: Jane Hudson loves to travel and visit the world. Traveling alone allows her to see places and meet new people she’s never met before. She writes on saving money and frugal living, and more. For more of her helpful blog posts, please go to  or her G+ to see useful tips on various topics.

Sources of Photos: (Photos used for reference only)
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