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We are about to buy foods with my friends for our beach party (ekonomistang atenista beach party summer 2010, check this link: when I found this house in which I was surprised. You wanna know why? Now, check the photos.


It looks cool, though.^_^

The photos were taken last March 24, 2010 before our beach party at Opol, Misamis Oriental, Philippines near the Apple Tree Resort and Hotel.



  1. Woooooh! What happen to that house?

  2. This one is really amazing. I don't know if I'll laugh or just be sad. The house was destroyed by what? A typhoon, Tsunami, or earth quakes? or is it "A sign of corruption?".

    Nice one clement! This one really hit me. lmfao

  3. @Edith and Louis= I really don't know the real reason behind it. I'll ask the people around when I'll visit the place again. ^_^

  4. is probably the land on that area is not hard enough to support the house..


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