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 One tourist connoted that "Bohol is a real Paradise". He was right. Simply because, Bohol is blessed with an abundance of gorgeous dazzling white-sand beaches embraced by its vivid and turtuoise waters that will surely rejuvenate your body, and senses. Plus, you'll be entwined with its lovely sunset scenario.

The province of Bohol is a popular tourist destination in the Philippines because of its famous "Chocolate Hills".

The island of Panglao, located just southwest of Tagbilaran City, is famous for its diving locations and routinely listed as one of the top ten diving locations in the world. Numerous tourist resorts dot the southern beaches and cater to divers from around the world ( You can choose from any white-sand beaches around the province. From Alona Beach to Dumaloan Beach. From Overhanging Rocks at Anda Beach to Bikini Beach in which a popular location for picnic lovers.

I visited so many locations in the Philippines and one of the best spots I recommend you to travel if you are a white Island lover, is the Panglao Island. Trust me, you'll be excited to visit this Island because of its "tranquility power". If you've been to Boracay, then you might as well, check this world class beaches offered by this Island.

Check these Photos:
P.S. I am planning to visit the Island and experience its natural beauty. Thanks to Katelyn Marie Loquellano for the photos. She is a Bohol-anon and my friend. :-)


  1. such wonder in philippines.
    best place to have a beach outing vacation :)

  2. LImao ...

    pretty cool ...

  3. hahaha c kaye :)


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