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GUEST POST: Best Money Options for Your Holiday Trip to London

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A guest post by: Alicia of

Planning to go on a trip to London for the holidays? Plan well ahead to ensure a smooth and enjoyable travel that is worthwhile and makes you forget your troubles. 

One aspect you should be contemplating on is budget. Travel funds can make or break your holiday trip. You don't want to end up short on budget once you are in London, a place diversified with great activities to do and places to explore. From airfare to lodging, you have to account for all possible expenses that you may encounter along your journey.

A crucial part of the planning phase is identifying the funding options for your holiday trip to London. One must always straighten out his/her finances and gather all possible money options to use for the trip. But what if the money you hold in your hand or have in your savings account simply won't suffice for a week-long trip with family or friends? Here are your money options when travelling to London.

It is recommended by experts to travel internationally with at least a small portion of local cash on you. This will guarantee that you won't get stranded with no money to pay for expenses relevant with airports including taxi or bus fare. Foreign currencies can be exchanged from a money changer.

Debit Cards
Convenience has a price, and while using your debit card at overseas ATM machines can absolutely be much easier than managing foreign cash exchange or traveler cheques, it is a more expensive option to employ. Bank charges from utilizing ATMs or cash point machines are much greater than at home and the exact charge is usually covert until you eventually return from your travel or get your monthly bank statement.

Credit Cards
Credit cards are unarguably the most convenient means of funding your travel expenses. In addition, there are some unique perks from using credit cards as your main travelling money option. This includes lower charges, travel rewards, incentives and credit points and cash advances.

Payday Loans
A payday loan is also included as one of the best money options to opt for when going on a holiday trip to London. A payday loan is not only convenient but also faster and easier to secure, which is perfect for travelers who are running on a tight flight schedule. A payday loan can grant you freedom when it comes to the pocket money you might require for your trip to London or any place by simply presenting identification and proof of income.

About the Author: The guest post was contributed by Alicia, financial guest blogger from Manchester, UK. Find out more about her finance related blogs @financeport

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