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Top 10 Restaurants with the Best Sisig in Luzon

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What usually comes to your mind when you hear the word "Sisig?" Perhaps, a lot of us would think about  Pampanga– The Culinary Capital of the Philippines. Pampanga is not just known for its exotic foods, but it is also a home for Kapampangan signature dish – Sisig. As what most people know it, sisig is made from chopped parts of a pig's head such as the ears, cheeks, and snout) and liver served on a sizzling plate. But the word sisig is originally referred to a Kapampangan way of cooking meat with slightly sour seasoning. That is why there's nothing more satisfying than a Food trip in Pampanga.
Naturally, we often find ourselves drawn to restaurants that offer delectable meals. But locating a good restaurant that serves the best sisig can also be a little bit tricky. There are actually various restaurants in the Philippines that offer delicious sisig. And we list down the top ten of them below.
#10 Sisig Hooraysisig hooray.jpg
Sisig Hooray is known to be a franchising food chain that serves freshly prepared sisig. The restaurant actually serves different versions of sisig. They have the original recipe pork sisig, smokey steak sisig, chicken sisig, pusit sisig and bangus sisig. Sisig Hooray is a place where most sisig lovers go. Moreover, they also offer promos such as the solo meal and the barkada size, which is good for three. Aside from their bestsellers, you can also try their different dishes found on the menu. It is easy for a food enthusiast to find the restaurant, Sisig Hooray is all over Metro Manila.
#9 Cafe Juanita cafe juanita.JPG(photo from foodtrip.blogspot)
Located in Pasig City, Cafe Juanita is known for its organic and sustainable products all throughout their menu. The restaurant also has their own version of sisig referred to as the "sisig on tofu' where the dish is mildly hot crisply fried pork minced with chicken liver, onions, seasoned with calamansi and chili, and served on a bed of soft tofu. You can also try their sizzling tuna sisig.
#8 Aysee
aysee sisig.jpg(photo by Julian Paraiso)
Aysee is a Filipino restaurant located in Pasig City that is known for bringing traditionally made and downright decadent sisig to their customers. Aysee's bestsellers are Sisig (served on a sizzling plate) and Papaitan (served in a hot pot). Of course, you can also try other dishes on their menu, where you can choose from sizzling meals, specialties and pulutan, Aysee inihaw, soup and rice meals.

#7 Leony's Ihaw-Ihaw
Located in Cabanatuan City, Leony's Ihaw-Ihaw is also a popular restaurant that serves sisig. They also have their own version of sisig where most people would love to try. And aside from sisig, they also serve manok, liempo, pork barbecue, chicken barbecue, lumpia, tilapia, hito, bangus, and many more. Moreover, Leony's Ihaw-Ihaw also accept delivery requests from their customers.
#6 Cirkulo Restaurantcirkulo.JPG(photo from
Cirkulo Restaurant is known to have a more fun approach to every meal. It offers a pleasing and casual dining experience. The restaurant's signature dishes are the sisig, slow roasted U.S Beef Belly with horseradish cream sauce and the Paella Montana with Portobella mushrooms, whole roasted garlic, truffle oil and asparagus. The restaurant is located in Makati City.
#5 Trellis
(photo from divine_viva)
Trellis is also a popular restaurant when it comes to sisig. Most people paired the dish with an ice-cold beer, which is also perfect for a relaxing meal after work. Aside from sisig, they also have some bestsellers such as the lechon kawali, crackling liempo, inihaw na liempo with KBS, arroz ala cubana, kangkong in oyster sauce, mini drumstick, crispy pata and many more. You can visit Trellis in Quezon City and try their best dishes found on their menu. Moreover, trellis also offers services such as delivery.
#4 Kubo sa Lawn
(photo by Mea in Bacolod)

Kubo sa Lawn in Bacolod also has its own version of sisig. The restaurant serves either pork or squid sisig that is served on a hot sizzling plate. The dish also includes chopped white onions, with squid that are tender and fresh. You will find a cluster of open-air native huts, which is a perfect place to unwind especially during night time. You can also try other dishes on the menu such porkchop and kinilaw.

#3 Mely's Barbeque
In Mely's Barbeque, they serve a large cut version of sisig. Although the pork is cut into a bigger size, the dish has still a tender texture of it. And unlike with the typical plating where sisig is served in a sizzling hot place, in Mely's Barbeque, it is served in a bowl. Aside from their bestseller sisig, they also have a delicious tocino barbecue. Mely's Barbeque is located along the roadside in Pampanga, so it is easy to stop over.
#2 Luring's BBQ House
Luring's BBQ House is also known for serving tasty Filipino viands in Pampanga. Of course, one of their bestsellers is the sisig. The restaurant is best when you are craving for comfort Filipino foods. And aside from sisig, they also serve barbecue and other grilled meat products.
#1 Aling Lucing Sisigsisig.jpg(photo by Mac Centeno)
Yes! the best Sisig If you want to try and know where the sisig originated, then head to Aling Lucing Sisig in Pampanga. It is in this restaurant where the sisig is born. Aling Lucing's version of sisig is slightly sour and less oily than any other versions of sisig. They serve the dish on a sizzling plate with a savory and cholesterol-icious treat.

One way to enjoy sisig is to try different versions of it. And as a food enthusiast, this is also one of the many ways you will know which of the restaurants you have tried serves the best sisig in town. Well, we can definitely enjoy every version of it, since we all have different tastes buds.

Note: This article is a guest post contributed by Glenn Domingo. Additionally, the attached photos were submitted by the guest writer for reference with photo credits. Please check below information about the author.

Author Bio:
Glenn Domingo is a freelance writer and blogger for Alviera. He is a traveler who loves to experience the uniqueness of different places and food trips here in the Philippines.

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