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There are exactly an infinite amount of reasons why you should go to LIV Super Club Cagayan de Oro tonight, however we have selected top 10 reasons for you. If you are still skeptical about last night’s first soft opening, here’s 10 reasons why you should drop everything and check out tonight.
DJ Lee Heart at LIV Super Club Cebu

Top 10: It’s Weekend
Yes, the 2 days soft opening were scheduled on November 25 and 26, 2016, that means, its weekend! Looking for a reason to have a few drinks or hit the dance floor?

Top 9: Good Food
If you're that type of person who's not into drinking although partying is an itch, then you don't have to worry since LIV Super Club CDO offers different selection of foods. Did i mention the table reservation is consumable to foods? 

Top 8: Socializing
A great way to meet new faces and warm-hearted people while partying that is.

Top 7: Drinking
LIV Super Club CDO features a wide array of drinks to choose from. It’s your choice!

Top 6: DJ Kyle Banaag
DJ Kyle alone is good enough reason why you should be at tonight’s soft opening. Did I mention Kyle was mentioned as one of the best DJs in Cagayan de Oro by EDM Philippines and Rave PH together with his brother RB? And yes, he happened to be the son of Cocoy Banaag, one of the first and most celebrated DJs in the city.
Top 5: The Official Line Up
Official line up includes DJ Charlz (LIV Super Club- Cebu Resident DJ), and two of the countries rising DJ head turners- L Heart and Hannah Ichiko flying to CDO bringing great music to Kagay-anons, and creating a unique yet posh party environment. The best way to see them live!
DJ Hannah Ichiko. Photo courtesy by: JJCV
DJ Lee Heart

Top 4: Lights and Sound
There’s a better light show than flipping your switches on and off.

LIV Super Club has the reputation of having the best lights display and world-class sound system. Thanks to the person behind the remarkable light and sound masterfully designed by Tom Anderson Uy of LAV Solutions, Inc. Tom was also commissioned to design the lights and sound in LIV Super Club Cebu and CDO, another reason to be delighted by the genius’ masterwork with that total sensory experience.
“To create clear and pure sound, one must have the ear to detect sound distortion and cancel it to come up with a 3D sound experience.” – Tom Anderson Uy

Top 3: Music
Surely, you will discover tons of new music from tonight’s official line up.

Top 2: The Experience: Every. Single. Time.
No amount of words can describe tonight’s experience, every single time the music play topped with the stunning lights display and world-class audio.

Come on! After all, it’s LIV, the Philippines’ Top 5 EDM Club and came from Cebu’s first and largest luxury bar becoming the Metro’s favorite club destination.
For inquiries and table reservations, call/text (0917) 710 5666 or (088) 291 7123. Look for Olive.

Be there. Be seen and be the first! #LIVSuperClubCDO #YouKnowWhereToBeinCDO

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